Who  I am

After having my 5th child I needed an escape, a "me time," and crafting gave me that. It gave me sanity, peace, and happiness. From then on, I LOVE to craft. To take a piece of paper and make something beautiful and bring joy to someone else brings joy to me. I enjoy learning and sharing what I've learned. Easy and affordable crafting is my style. Although I do like to treat myself once in a while.

Our Story

After Luka, I discovered crafting and YouTube and I loved everything about both worlds. I loved them so much that I made a YouTube channel and called it Esther Luka. I then found out I was expecting baby #6. Imagine my surprise. After Leah was born, I no longer worked the same amount of hours, so I needed to find something to do to bring crafting income in. I needed money to buy more crafting supplies. So I learned how to make cute little pouchies and started selling them, and the rest is history. Leah’s pouchies was born.

Meet the Team

This is my squad, my entourage, my bosses, my world, my babies, my loves and of course I couldn’t leave out my manager...